In case of an emergency contact our trusted contractors.
Please note that if the issue is due to fault of the tenant,
the tenant will be charged for the emergency call.

The job of a Tenant is to protect themselves, as well as the property.
Should the issue be life threatening, please call 9-1-1.

Should there be a plumbing leak, please shut off the main water valve to your unit before contacting anyone else. The location of this valve will have been shown to you during your possession walk-through with the Property Manager.

Should there be no immediate danger to either yourself or the property, please try to contact your Property Manager first. Should they not answer, please first ensure that the issue does require emergency attention and then choose the appropriate contractor from the list below. When speaking with the Contractor, please indicate that you are currently renting from AVE Rentals.


Ermak Ltd. - 403-708-6253

Emergency calls are only required if the main valve needs to be shut off to stop the leak, thus impeding the units’ access to water and/or if the hot water tank stops functioning or has a leak.


Briga Mechanical - 587-999-6474

Emergency calls are only required if there's no heat during winter months.


Fast Appliance Repair Ltd. - 587-891-7771

Emergency calls are only required if your fridge stops working or if one of the appliances are leaking.


Statix Electric Inc. - 403-831-4160

Emergency calls are only required if there is no electricity to the unit. Please ensure this is not an issue with your service provider and that the breakers are on before calling the Contractor.


Max Garage - 587-437-4760

Emergency calls are only required when your car is locked inside, and the door will not open to allow the car to exit the garage